Show Master Robot ‘KIBO’

Meet ‘KIBO’, Robocare’s biped humanoid robot.
KIBO’s various features such as face expressions,
lip-sync and interactive reactions make KIBO
a perfect show master.

‘Mero-3 & Mero-S’

Meet Mero-3 & Mero S, intelligent robots
specialized in user-interaction


The ideal intelligent robotic platform
for robotics research and robotic applications


"Bring joy to the elderly, hope to children. Robocare makes robots that care"

"As the first venture company financed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Robocare inherited expertise of the centre for intelligent robotics, MKE frontier program"

"Robocare provides various robotic services from eldercare, education to events and exhibitions with its world-class robotic hardware technology and qualified SW components"