Where robots bring joy to the elderly and hope to children,
Robocare provides robotic services for human.

Eldercare :

Robocare provides cognitive training programs based on robots to help preventing dementia.

Education :

Robocare provides educational platform for English education and a special program for children with special needs. Robocare also provides robotic research and educational platform.
Robocare’s Robotics curriculum and its software development kit offers a variety of programs at all levels.

Infotainment :

With different types of its robotic platform and cutting-edge artificial intelligent technology, Robocare provides various robotic exhibitions and events that actively interacts with audiences.

Robocare, the first venture company invested by KIST.

Robocare, as the first venture company financed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology, inherited expertise of the center for intelligent robotics, MKE frontier program.

Robocare possesses the world-class robotic hardware technology and SW components from 10 years of research.

Robocare is staffed with robot experts that have more than 10 years experience in the center for intelligent robotics.

Robocare possesses 7 patents in the field of intelligent robotics and intelligent robotic services

Intelligence-based Architecture : Key technology that enables the robot to perform various services in different situations..

  • Robot’s Intelligence technologies from RoboCare are so easy to compound a variety of services on intelligence system by dividing into Reactive class, Sequence class and Deliberate class.
  • This kind of methodology that systematizes Robot’s intelligent part by including it in the Architecture is very creative and practical.
  • Knowledge-based Intelligence Architecture from RoboCare reduces complexity and risk on large scale system development and improve reusability of components.
  • Knowledge-based Intelligence Architecture from RoboCare is to distribute the robot resources to usable computing environment dynamically and automatically.
  • RoboCare leads an innovative field of service robot industry by applying such cutting technologies to the field, the first in the world.
  • Component-based sequencing layer software architecture for intelligent service robots (KOR 854675)
  • Reactive layer software architecture containing sensing, actuation and real-time actions for intelligent robots (KOR 877715)
  • A component-based task management system for intelligent task management of intelligent robots (KOR 896705)
  • Dynamic robot software architecture management method based on computing resources (KOR 972120)

Telepresence Technology

  • Remote Robot Control(Patent) based on Behavior detection and video-based humanlike Facial Expression is the world-class technology to control the robot’s behaviors automatically if user does not care about it.
  • RoboCare’s Telepresence is original technology to upgrade the convenience when a remote user operates the robot.
  • Telepresence robot, telepresence system comprising the same and method for controlling the same (KOR 10-2010-0021668)

Robotic Face Technology.

  • RoboCare’s Face Robot has two main technologies
    – rotation unit of robot eyeball, possible to be operated independently without that one of actuator is not affected by motion of the another actuator.
    – Unit of robot’s lip motion, realizing the changable mouth shape for the sake of more abundant facial expressions & much precise pronunciation.
  • These are core technologies to create the flexible robot facial expression develop the impressive & high-tech Face Robot.
  • Device of rotating an eyeball for a robot (KOR 10-2009-0037249), (USA 12/767,252)
  • Lip driving device for robot (KOR 10-2009-0040577), (USA 12/765,113)