Elderly Care

Robot-based Cognitive Training Game helps Revitalizing Brain and Preventing Dementia.

Dementia Prevention is the best solution and treatment for it since its cause hasn’t been known yet precisely.
It is known that making any connection with each brain cell not to be cut off is very important by cognition training (Brain Fitness) as the best way to prevent dementia.
RoboCare’s Dementia Prevention System for elder Care consists of total 17 cognition training games connected to smart pads and the robot, so that specialized and systematic training can be provided.
It was proven that cognition training with this robotic system is effective to prevent dementia and now, the system is being operated in Gangnam-gu Center for Dementia, Samsung Noble County, Busan Center for Dementia, Korea and Vika Garden (elder care center), Denmark.

Introducing Elderly care

Improvement in cognitive ability proved clinically

Compared to the control group, subject who who underwent 3 months of robot-assisted cognitive training showed cortical thickening.

훈련을 하지 않은 대조 집단

Control Group

로봇 기반 인지 훈련을 받은 집단

Robot-assisted Cognitive Training

Proven by participants’ MRI results (Research team lead by Na, Duk L M.D, Samsung Medical Center)

17 cognitive training games for brain activation

Robot-based cognitive training games developed over 2 years.

RObot Name of Cognition Training Game Effectiveness of Game Running time (min)
SILBOT(6) MOVE LIKE ME Memory function improvement30
FOLLOW ME Improve visuospatial processing30
ROBOTCON Strenghen the visual memory30
RHYTHM TOUCH Attention enhancement30
SING SING SING Memory function improvement30
HIT THE NUM Improve facility in math30
MERO(11) SMILE HAPPY Memory function improvement15
KNOWING YOU KNOWING ME Memory function improvement30
STORY MEMORY Memory function improvement30
BINGO Strengthen the brain functions related to inference & determination30
KING OF CALCULATION Improve facility in math30
PICK THE PAIR Memory function improvement30
GUESS WHAT Language function imporovement30
CLEAN UP Language function improvement30
LUCKY CATCH Attention enhancement30
PICTURE-PUZZLE Improve visuospatial processing30
BRICK-PUZZLE Improve visuospatial processing30
“날 따라해봐요”


“척척 암산왕”


“날 따라해봐요”


Ongoing Programs in domestic and foreign sites

Gangnam Dementia Care Center, Samsung Noble County, Dong-A Univ., Arhus, Denmark and so on. A joint company to be established in 2014 in Denmark.

<Denmark Pilot Project Operation>

<Finland Pilot Project Operation>