Robot Exhibitions & Events

A variety of interactive robot exhibitions and performances with Robocare’s various robots

Robot Exhibition Contents based on Cutting-edge robotic technology

Robocare produces robots for exhibitions with up-to-date robotic technology of the center for intelligdfsaent robotics, KIST.

Exhibition that interacts with audiences, using Robocare’s diverse recognition technology

Interaction Technology using different types of smart device, gesture, voice, face, and emotion recognition technology makes the event more exciting.


Various Robotic Performances with Humanoid Robot Technology – KIBO, MERO & SILBOT

Robocare’s Robots that show various emotions and expressions in a natural way makes the performance unique and special. With robots that can express diverse characters, it is much more flexible to build and adopt different scenarios.

Robocare has presented its exhibitions and shows widely in Korea and in abroad

Robocare’s robots has performed in many places such as Harrod’s London, Innorobo, France and Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea Robocare has been running many exhibitions in various science museums.

Denmark CareWare 2014

Elder Care Robot SILBOT was introduced and create a sensation at CareWare2014, hosted by Aarhus Commune, Denmark

Yeosu EXPO 2012 Korea

In Yeosu EXPO 2012, Robot dance Group Performance along with ‘Sorry Sorry’ (sung by Korean Famous Idol group, ‘Super Junior’) , that was directed by a choreographer and realized by KIST engineers

Korea Top Brand Exhibition 2012 targeting London Olympics 2012 in Harrods Dept. Store – co-organized  by KOTRA & Harrods

Korea Top Intelligent Robots ‘KIBO’, ‘SILBOT’ & ‘MERO developed by Center for Intelligent Robotics, KIST are invited and go to Korea Tob Brand exhibitikn which will be held at London Harrods Dept. store targeting 2012 Olympics

INNOROBO 2012, France 

Show Mater Humanoid KIBO developed by Center for Intelligent Robotics, KIST was invited to INNOROBO 2012, France which was held from Mar. 14th to 16th, 2012 and KIBO gifted flower and hug to one of VIPs from French Govenor