Sensitive Humanoid with Expressional Face

KIBO, humanoid type robot human shape is optimized platform to develop and maximize interaction with human. Its face, enabling to present its human-like face expressions and two-legs walking technology are key features. KIBO v3.0, released on March 2011 can walk with two legs, express and communicate with human effectively through various functions of facial expressions, face recognition, object recognition and so on

Face-Gesture Recognition, Emotion Expression
Sound detection & Localization, Face Tracking
Show Master, boasting Lip-sync * humanlike gestures
humanlike emotion expression on 17DoF mechanical Face
Stable Walking by ZMP tech.
accurate grip by 5 fingers
remote Control by a smart pad
Easy Motion editing & creation by a Motion Editor & Graphic Simulator


Item Explanation
Dimension 470mm x 510mm x 1100mm (Width x Length x Height)
Sensors Gesture mimicking & Face Tracking : 3D Cam(Xtion)
Face Recognition: CCD Cam
Interaction: MIC, LED
Walking: FT Sensor
Foot pace General 0.54km/h (Forward-Backward & Side)
Max. Step Interval 180mm
Max. Pace 0.64km/h
Degree of Freedom
Arm: each 6 (both 12)
Leg: each 6 (both 12)
Neck: 2
Face: 15
Waist: 1
Hand: 1DOF, 5 fingers, gesture & handshake, grab
3D Cam 1, for Tilting up-down
Weight 43kg
Battery 30V 25A (Full Charge, activated Max 40min.)
built-in PCM Safety Circuit
ext. communication Wifi
System Windows PC x 1, Linux PC x 1