Desk Type Face Robots specialised in interaction with users

MERO was developed for emotional interaction with human and it realized human face expressions mechanically on its face. MERO was developed to study the emotional interaction between human and robot and apply & use the result. Also, much advanced mechanical robot MERO 3 will be released soon, ideal platform for teaching & study aids in college and for maximizing the interaction with autistic children and information service.


4 FOD Head with Gravity Compensation System
Expression using high speed movement. Human-like movement derived from motion capture technology.
17 DOF Facial Expression made by 10 DOF Servo Actuator (Mero-3)
Natural expression of emotions. Expressions easily generated by motion capture technology.
Flexible Connectivity with Various Sensors and Smart Devices for Human-Robot Interaction
Various options are possible on demand.





Multi-Interface applied to attract users
Sensing sound sources, gestures and tracking dynamic positions.
Realtime lipsync with robot Avatar
Easy way to making graphic avatar in one picture.
Intellectual Architecture for object-oriented programming
Easy to expand and add new software component.
Custom-made Graphic Avatar with Various Facial Expressions and Lip-Sync Function (Mero-S)
Make your own avatar with one picture.
User-Friendly Efficient Software Development Environment
Easy to generate expressions using Robocare’s intuitive motion editor
iRSP support based on VPL for beginners
Perfect compatibility with ROS
API for S/W Components for experts
3D graphic simulator including human agent model
Smart Robot Software Components
More than 30 kinds of components developed and verified by experts.


Item Description
Dimension 512mm x 500mm x 585mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Sensor Application Direction Sensing: External 3D Camera(KINECT)
Gesture Copying & Face tracking : External 3D Camera(KINECT)
Face Recognition : CCD Camera
Interaction : Mic, LED, 2ch Stereo Speaker
Degree of Freedom Neck : 4 DOF (FAULHABER)
Face : 18 DOF (Increasing DOF using 10 motors)
Weight 14kg
Display (Mero-S) IPS Panel for wide viewing angle of 178 degree Touch Panel
External Communication Wifi, KINECT & USB Port to connect CMOS Camera, RGB Port, Wireless Screencasting(Miracast)
System CPU i5 3.4Ghz, 4GB Memory, 120G SSD, External Power 220V