Robotics Education

Robocare’s Robotics Education/Research Platform for Beginners & Experts.

Robocare’s robotics curriculum covering from basic to applied research

Robocare provides robotics curriculum for students from basic to applied research.

1. Basic Robotics
Robot Structure / Robotic Device Control(Wheel/Arm/Sensor),
Component Application(TTS, Voice Recognition) / Robot Control with the Program built in 3D Simulator Environmen

2. Visual Programing Language
iRSP Installation and Practice, Introduction to iRSP Robot Programming
Programming Practice and Simulation with 3D Simulator

3. 3D Simulator
Building Simulator Environment / Robot Modeling / Practice with Simulator Environment and Robot Modeling

4. Applied Robotics
Robot Dance Contest / Maze Solving with Algorithm / Avatar Robot Making with Kinect / Robotic Game

5. External Devices
Kinect(External) & Xtion Pro(Internal) / Mobile Devices(Smart Phone, Smart Pad)

User supporting development environment for self-learning and research

he best education and research platform with the intelligent development environment composed of simulator,
action planner,motion editor and iRSP-based software components compatible with ROS.

Robotic Platform that allows users maximum freedom of control with interaction technology and omni-directional movement.

Robocare’s robotic platform offers the best user environment to control the robot’s mobile navigation with technologies such as location positioning through vision camera, path generation plan and mapping.

Creative education with smart devices

Connect smart devices and make creative and open robotics curriculum.