The ideal Intellectual Robotic Platform for Robotic Research and Application

As an ideal platform satisfying general purpose & demand in the aspect of economy and function in the Intelligent Robot, SILBOT3 was suitably designed  for Kids English Teaching & Elder Care services. SILBOT3 provides with not only services for Children and Elderly but also plenty of expressions, interaction functions and system development environment (SDK) as excellent teaching aids for study in College . 

SILBOT3 can be utilized in the field of followings
• Elder Care Service Robot
•  Kids English Teaching Robot
•  Teaching aids for College Study
•  Other services  fields in which it can support human tasks like public centers


Remarkable Stability – Active and passive collision avoidance equipment
Shoulder joint with clutch mechanism Collision avoidance using sensor
Natural and Human Expression though 11 DOF
Robotic motion generated by motion capture technology
Personalized 3D Graphic Avatar, Capable of Emotion Expression and Lip-sync
Colorful Emotion Expression on 3D Graphic Avatar
Flexible Connectivity with Various Sensors and Smart Devices for Human-Robot Interaction
Various options are possible on demand

Features of SILBOT-3


Intellectual Architecture for Object-Oriented Programming
Easy to expand and add new software components
Custom-made Graphic Avatar with Various Facial Expressions and Lip-Sync Function
Make your own avatar with one picture
User-Friendly Efficient Software Development Environment
Easy to generate expressions using Robocare’s intuitive motion editor
iRSP support based on VPL for beginners
Perfect compatibility with ROS
API for S/W Components for experts
3D graphic simulator including human agent model
Localization and Mapping Technology in Indoor Environment
Simultaneous localization and mapping using high-efficient low-cost sensors
Smart Robot Software Components

More than 30 kinds of components developed and verified by experts


Item Description
Dimension 480mm x 520mm x 1148mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Sensor Application Navigation : 3D camera(Xtion) + CCD camera + Gyro sensor
Collision Avoidance : Ultrasonic sensor, 3D camera(Xtion)
Interaction : Mic, Capacitive touch sensor, CCD camera, LED
Mobility 3 Omnidirectional wheel
Maximum 3cm error range in 1m (within 3%)
Maximum speed : approx. 0.6m/sec
Degree of Freedom Arm : 6 FOD (each 3 FOD)
Head : 2 FOD
Mobility : 3 FOD
3D Camera : 1 FOD
Weight Less than 21 Kg
Battery More than 300 mins of operation (140 mins to fully charge)
Built-in PCM safety circuit
Display IPS Panel for wide viewing angle of 178 degree Touch Panel
Noise Less than 60 dB (assumed noise level standard : 70dB)
System CPU i5 3.4Ghz, 4GB Memory, 120G SSD