Robocare was established in October 2012 as the 1st technology company financed by KIST.
We developed the world 1stgroup of dementia prevention robot that can interact with human, ‘SILBOT’, and has since then performed the robot distributing pilot project with Suwon city successfully. Dementia prevention robot is supplied to each of the base in each of the area by installing them on the public health centers and dementia precaution centers and also, we are promoting the commercialization of the product in earnest. In the meantime, as part of disadvantaged group supporting program, we are currently developing a domestic care robot that is able to take care of patients with mild cognitive impairment and senior citizens who live alone, while the cognitive training is available as well.
We need your interests and supports so that Robocare can always challenge the future industries based on the pioneer’s spirit and so we can grow and develop as a Humanoid robot enterprise to help the socially disadvantaged group, and to be the company that all of the mankind desires.
We really appreciate and would like to sincerely thank everyone who visit our home page.

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