Group Type Robot Cognitive Training System(Silbot)


Group Type Robot Cognitive Training System

This is a cognition training system that helps the activation of brain function and dementia prevention by providing brain function improving contents using a robot for elderly people and those who have risks of dementia.

Main Function

Provides Dementia Preventing Lesson Services

  • Main target: people older than 65 & have mild cognitive impairment symptoms
  • Max. 12 persons can participate in the training lesson at the same time.
  • Lessons can be adjusted freely (3 months / 6 months course available, 1-3 times a week, 1-2 hours of lesson)
  • Student and lessons can be managed with available systematic study management
  • Difficulty levels can be adjusted depending on the study level of the participant through the simple test of MMSE and SGDS of APP (1 – 7 of difficulty level can be applied for each content).

System features

  • Brain training contents that is specialized for the cognitive area
    Effective for the improvement of memory, visuospatial ability, computation power, concentration, deduction, decision making, and linguistic ability.

  • Participants can join by each training area and group
    We can provide differentiated contents to lead the active participation of the participants.

  • Contents can be progressed in accordance with the individual learning ability, and also personal activity data can be extracted separately

  • Smart technology which applied the functions such as robotic emotional interaction, voice, dynamic recognition etc.
    Visual and auditory actions can be done at the same time, leading to high immersions and interests of the participants.

System Strengths

Advantages Of The Group Type Robot Cognitive Training System

  • Consisted of cognitive functions strengthening training contents for each of brain function that was jointly developed with domestic neurologist authority.
  • Robot performs the role of assistant teacher by interacting with the students for dementia preventing lesson.
  • Relieving depression &anxiety through the interaction among the participants by performing the group lessons.
  • Robot can interact with the emotions and recognize the voice & motion of the participants which can double the effectiveness of cognitive function strengthening lesson.


  • UI (User Interface) that non-specialist can use easily
  • Friendliness humanoid type appearance design
  • TTS (Text To Speech) that can be expressed using various languages and voices.
  • High performance system is applied and the software system is upgradable

Main Technology

  • HRI (Human Robot Interaction) technology : It recognizes user’s intention, makes eye contact with the user, and expresses emotion
  • Approx. 300 kinds of emotion expressions and 3D avatar technology available : It has 3D avatar user friendly design
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot : Omni wheels that can be used regardless of the intention and obstacles is applied

20 Kinds Of Specialized Contents For Each Of The Brain Function

Operational Status Of 28 Places Nationwide (As Of Sep. 2019)

Verification By Medical Investigation

“Cognitive Training With Robot Is Effective To Delay Brain Aging”

  • Effects to brain of cognitive training program with robot is analyzed using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) device and presented to SCIE Journal ‘PLOS One’ (Prof. Geonha Kim, Neurologist from Ewha Univ. Mokdong Hospital / Prof. Deokyeol Na, Neurologist from Seoul Samsung Hospital).
  • Comparison of the cerebral cortex thickness of the participants before and after 3 months of robot cognition training program (MRI) shows the thickness of cerebral cortex of group from the robotic cognitive training program is increased by 0.004mm, while the no-training comparison group became 0.028mm thinner and with human teacher training became 0.012mm thinner.
  • Targets : Assigned 78 healthy elderly people randomly, single blind study.
  • Study Organization : Department of Neurology, Seoul Samsung Hospital


Item Description Item Description
Size 480 mm x 520mm x 1148 mm (Width x Length x Height) System Intel i3 CPU
2x USB 3.0
Wireless Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
Weight 25kg OS Linux Ubunth
Battery life 4 ~ 6 hours Display 9.7 inch IPS resistive touchscreen display (1024 * 768)
Battery charging time 90 min. (220V exclusive recharger) Sensors & others Gyro sensor, LED
Battery 24V Lithium Ion Camera HD 720p (1280*720)
Degrees of freedom 11 degrees of freedom (arm / head / mobile) Software ROS Kinetic
Voice Korean (3 kinds of adult female voices, 4 kinds of adult male voices, 2 kinds of children voices) / English (3 kinds of adult female voices, 2 kinds of adult male voices) and others.