Mechanical Emotional Interacting Robot


MERO : Mechanical emotion interacting robot

MERO-3 : Mechanical emotion interacting robot

MERO-S : Screen type facial robot


Intelligent Architecture For Object Oriented Programing.
Easy to add and expand the new software component

User Tracking And Facial Expression Recognizing Robot

Uses sound source detecting function, motion recognizing function, and dynamic position estimating function.

Real Time Based Avatar Lip Sync Function That Can Match Articulation


Customized Graphical Avatar With Emotional Expression And Lip Sync

그래픽 아바타

Customer Friendly Effective Software Development Environment

  • Intuitive expression is available using our unique behavioral editor
  • VPL type iRSP supporting function for the beginner
  • Perfect compatibility with ROS
  • API for S/W components for advanced users
  • 3D graphic simulator including human agent model
Robot SW SDK

Verified Smart Robot Software Components

More than 30 kinds of verified robot components


Item Description
Size 512mm x 500mm x 585mm (Width x Length x Height)
Used sensor Direction detection sensor: Outside 3D camera (KINECT)
Imitation of human body motion and face tracking sensor: External 3D camera (KINECT)
Face Recognition: CCD Camera
Interacting function: Mic, LED, 2 channel stereo speaker
Driving part (12 degrees of freedom) Neck: 4 degree of freedom (FOULHABER)
Face: 18 degree of freedom (degree of freedom can be expanded by using 10 motors of coupling type driving method)(MERO-3)
Weight 14Kg
Display 178˚ wide angle IPS panel applied
Contact interface touch panel applied
Connectivity Wifi, USB port, RGB port, wireless image transmitting port (Miracast) for the connection of KINECT & CMOS camera
System CPU i5 3.4Ghz, 4GB memory, 120G SSD