Robot exhibition and performance service

Empirical robot service using cutting edge robotic technology

Robot exhibiting manufacturing technology using cutting edge robotic technology.

Manufacturing of the exhibition robots for display using various robotic technologies from Frontier Intelligent Robot Enterprise Organization of Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

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Interacting technology with audience using various recognition technologies.

World best interactive exhibition robot contents using recognition technologies such as gesture recognition, voice recognition, face recognition and facial expression recognition functions together with the smart devices.

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Various performance contents using robotic technologies of humanoidrobots such as KIBO, MERO and SILBOT

Emotional performance techniques using human like expressiveness. Various scenarios can be composed with various expressions of characters.

We performed various invitation performances, and manufactured & supplied the exhibition materials nationwide and abroad many times.

We performed and exhibited atthe London Olympic celebrating Herrods Department Store in London, exhibited at K-Tech opening ceremony in USA, and performed various exhibition and invitation performance in the opening ceremony of Yeosu Expo and others. We delivered the robots to major science museum in the countryand abroad.

We are planning to participate in 2020 CES Eureka in USA (7-10 January 2020)

2014 Denmark CareWare (CareWare 2014)

Elderly care robot SILBOT-3 was introduced at the CareWare 2014 which was hosted by Aarhus city, Denmark and became a big hit.


Yeosu Expo 2012

Robot group dance along to ‘Sorry Sorry’which is a famous song from the idol group ‘Super Junior’. It was performed in accordance with the direction of a professional dance choreographer and performed by KIST technical team. Robot group could attractlots of fans from all over the world by performing 72 performancedaily, and a total of 900,000audiences watched the show (see related articles).


London Olympic celebratingHerrods Department Store in London

MERO and INKY were invited and displayed in the Korean brand special exhibition show which was held in London Herrods Department Store for 4 weeks, starting from the 29th of July 2019 (see related articles).

런던 해로즈 백화점

INOBORO 2012, France

Humanoid robot ‘KIBO’ was invited to INOROBO 2012 which was held for 3 days from the 14th of March 2012 in France, and performed an event that passes flowers and hug Frédéric Mitterrand, the Minister of Culture and Communication of France (see related articles).

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