Owned technologies


We are certified as an excellent technology (T3 grade) companyfrom the technology credit-rating agency(TCB)

  • We acquired certificate asanexcellent technology (T3 grade) company from 3 of technology credit-rating agencies.
    Technology ratings: 10 grades from T1 to I10
    T3: This means that corresponding technology is within top 20%, and that corresponding company has high possibility of future growth by acting proactively for the technology environment.

We own property rights for the robotic knowledges (19 patents, 6 designs)

  • 13 patents registered / 6 applied
    - Technologies related to robot control, hardware module, auto recharge and software design
  • 5 designs registered / 1 applied
    - Design of each robot
    - Hardware module (wheel) design

We earned product effectiveness through the clinical demonstration at University Hospital

  • Thickness of Cerebral cortex of SILBOT based cognition trainer is increased (as comparisson, thickness of cerebral cortex of those trained by human teachers and non-trained becomes thinner).
  • Memory, attention & concentration ability and some of frontal lobe functions are imporoved.
  • Improved visual memory of desktop robot based cognition trainer

Owned Technologies Map

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