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  • Greeting

    Robocare was established in October 2012 as the
    1st technology company financed by KIST.

    I am Moon Jeon-il, CEO of Robocare Co., Ltd., which is leading the care market based on its products and platforms under the banner of “care robot pioneer.”

    We are playing a role in improving the quality of life of the elderly by using care robots to support healthy and safe lives emotionally, mentally, and physically. Korea will also enter a super-aging society by 2025, and the number of elderly people living alone is rapidly increasing, and the number of patients with presumed dementia is also continuing to increase, reaching more than 10% of the elderly aged 65 or older.

    Statistics have also announced that due to demographic structural changes such as low birth rate and aging, the productive population will decrease, there will be a shortage of care workers, and social costs for care will continue to increase. The role of care robots is expected as a way to resolve these social issues, and RoboCare Co., Ltd. will faithfully fulfill its role as a leader.

    We ask for your continued interest and support, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has visited our website.

    CEO Moon Jeon-il