Presenting the history of Robocare.

Smart Care For Human

ROBOCARE's Brief History

    • 2020
      • Participation in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas, USA.
      • Selected for a project to support socially vulnerable groups using robots ('Silbot' installed in 9 locations including Seongnam City Health Center and welfare centers).
      • MOU signed with Seocho-gu Joongang Senior Welfare Center.
      • Installation and operation of a dementia prevention robot cognitive training system in 48 locations nationwide.
      • Awarded the 2020 RoboWorld Best Product of the Year.
      • Designated as a leading company in the aging-friendly industry, recognized with a commendation from a member of the National Assembly.
    • 2019
      • Acquired excellent technology enterprise certificate(T3)
      • Distributes SILBOT system in earnest (dementia preventive and cognitive training robot system) to 24 bases in the whole nation.
      • Planning to launch BOMY (silver home care robot)
    • 2018
      • Completed the 1st national project task of developmental screening diagnosis / training robot system
    • 2017
      • Verified the successful operation and effectiveness of health class for brain training: model operation in Suwon city, Gyeonggi-do / 4 places including dementia supporting center
      • Commercialization of SILBOT system (dementia prevention and cognitive training robot system)
    • 2015
      • GST Co., LTD. took over Robocare
    • 2013
      • Joint development of dementia prevention and cognitive training robot system (Prof. Na Deokyeol, Neurologist from Seoul Samsung Hospital).
    • 2012 ~ 2003
      • Established Robocare Co., Ltd: August 31, 2012. 1st technology company financed by KIST.
      • Selected as an enterprise organization of KIST intelligent robot development program(size of 100 billion won)
      • Developed Humanoid Robot, Home Service Robot, Facial expression robot
      • TIMES selected world best invention
      • Developed dementia preventive training robot
      • Developed children education robot