Robocare`s cognitive development training content is introduced.

Contents Of
Cognition Developing Training

Cognitive Training Game Playing With Robot Activates The Brain Functions And Prevents Dementia.

Since the cause of dementia is not identified yet, the best cure is preventing it beforehand. It is known that the best way to prevent dementia effectively is to keep the connections between the neurons in the brain continuously through the brain training.

Preventing dementia for elderly people care system of Robocare is consisted of 20 cognitive training games that are interlocked with the dementia preventing robot and smart pad, which can provide specialized and systematic cognitive training on behalf of specially educated teacher.

It is proved that the training with this system is effective for the prevention of dementia and is being operated in 25 organizations in the whole country (public health centers, dementia relief centers, hospitals etc.)

20 Robot Cognitive Games For
The Activation Of Brain Training

: Intellectual game that is specially developed for the robots for 2 years.

Improvement Of Cognitive Ability Of Participating
Elderly People Is Clinically Proven.

: As a result of 3 months of training, it was found that the thickness of Cerebral cortex of the group that received the robot based cognition training has increased,compared to the comparison group that did not get the training.

: ntroduction Video Of Dementia Preventing Care System For Elderly People.