Introducing the proprietary technologies of Robocare.

Owned Technologies


We Are Certified As An Excellent Technology (T3 Grade) Companyfrom The Technology Credit-Rating Agency(TCB)

We acquired certificate asanexcellent technology (T3 grade) company from 3 of technology credit-rating agencies.

Technology ratings: 10 grades from T1 to I10

T3: This means that corresponding technology is within top 20%, and that corresponding company has high possibility of future growth by acting proactively for the technology environment.

We Own Property Rights For The Robotic Knowledges (19 Patents, 6 Designs)

13 patents registered / 6 applied

- Technologies related to robot control, hardware module, auto recharge and software design

5 designs registered / 1 applied

- Design of each robot

- Hardware module (wheel) design



We Earned Product Effectiveness Through The Clinical Demonstration At University Hospital

Thickness of Cerebral cortex of SILBOT based cognition trainer is increased (as comparisson, thickness of cerebral cortex of those trained by human teachers and non-trained becomes thinner).

Memory, attention & concentration ability and some of frontal lobe functions are imporoved.

Improved visual memory of desktop robot based cognition trainer

Owned Technologies Map