An excellent companion for the silver generation, Daily care cognitive training robot.

: BOMI 2 - A Smart Care Robot System

This is a Smart Care Robot for elderly and person in a risk of dementia, which provides various services and functions to prevent dementia.

BOMI-2 is able to exercise cognitive training through a number of contents for improving brain power.
Also, This robot have functions of “emergency call service” and “Personal alarm service” for elderly.

BOMI 2 's Main Functions

Personalized cognitive training Services
Care Services
Emergency Call Services

  • Training
  • Care
  • Call

- User friendly design and UI(User Interface)

- Cognitive Training games for preventing dementia

- Various alarm services

Smart Care Robot, BOMI 2

Key Technologies and Distinctive Features

Motion Recognition: Ability to recognize user motions such as raising hands and clapping.

Varied Interactions between User and Robot: Capable of expressing a range of emotions using 22 different avatars and arm combinations.

Completion of medical validation for the effectiveness of cognitive function enhancement.

Autonomous Navigation and Automatic Charging: Obstacle detection for autonomous navigation to the destination (auto-docking at the station when battery is low).

Suitable for use in ordinary households as a Personal Robot.

Features specialized for elderly care, such as emergency alerts and medication reminders.

Utilization of Soft-Feel materials for a gentle touch, equipped with a rotatable display.

User Interface (UI) that is easy for non-professionals to use.

Versatile language and voice expressions through Text To Speech (TTS).

High-performance system with upgradable software.

Large screen (13.1 inches) for ease of viewing by seniors.

: Smart Care Example


Specification - BOMI 2


Size(Robot) : 630mm(H) x 350mm(W) x 406mm(D)

Size(Cube) : 70mm x 70mm x 70mm (Single Unit)

Size(Charging Tray) : 450mm x 195mm x 33 mm

Weight(Robot) : 12kg

Weight(Cube) : 235g (Single Unit)

Battery(Robot) : Li-Ion 22.2V-8.5Ah (Full charging= 3 hrs, Battery life= 2 hrs)

Battery(Cube) : Li-Ion 3.6V-2.5Ah (Full charging= 6.3hrs, Battery life= 7hrs)

Moving parts : Display: Rotation, -90°/0° / Arms (2 DoF), Body Tilting (1 DoF)


System 1 : Collision Avoid Sensor, IR Receiver, Sensor, Bumper Sensor

System 2 : Drop, Sensor, 3D Depth Camera, RGB LED, RGB Camera

OS : Linux OS

Display : 13.3", Capacitive Touch Screen

Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB